Statement of Industry Standards

NARM members will conduct business in accordance with the following Statement of Industry
Standards adopted by the National Association of Reunion Managers.

Members will make best effort to contact the graduating class officers for the purpose of obtaining a reunion contract if the class has not had a previous reunion. The previous reunion planning committee must be contacted when a previous reunion has been planned.   Other class members may be considered only after these people have been contacted and/or consulted.

Members will use a written contract clearly stating the per person ticket price, services, products, and other essential information. The contract must be signed by a representative of the Committee. 

Members will not interfere with the performance of another reunion manager’s current written and signed contractual arrangement with a reunion committee. 

Members will advertise and/or announce reunions only after a current written and signed agreement is established with the Committee for a specific event.

 Members will communicate their involvement with the reunions to the individual high schools.

 Members, in conjunction with the committee, will attempt to locate all the alumni.

 Members will have written policies regarding cancellations and refunds for events and individual alumni.  These policies must be communicated to all clients.

Adherence to this Code of Ethics and Statement of Industry Standards signifies professionalism, competence, fair dealing and high integrity. Failure to abide by these may subject a member to disciplinary action.

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Rev. 9/1/2010