NARM Code of Ethics

 NARM members will conduct business in accordance with the following Code of Ethics adopted by the National Association of Reunion Managers.

*Strive for excellence in all aspects of reunion management.

*Maintain the highest standard of personal conduct and promote and encourage the highest level of professionalism within the reunion management industry.

Refuse to initiate or participate in any discussion or activity which might result in an unjust injury to another reunion manager’s reputation or business relationships.

*Abstain from any form of false, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent advertising or
promotional activities.

Conform to all existing laws, regulations, and codes governing business practices and procedures, and to report any violations of the law to proper state, local or federal authorities.

Ensure rights to privacy and protect confidentiality of privileged information.

Cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with other reunion managers and work with them in the advancement of the reunion management industry.

*Practice fair, professional, and accepted methods in competition.

Use only legal and ethical means in all reunion management activities.